Second Chance Offers eBay Fraud

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Greetings ( + )!( + )

Lately every time (well it seams like every time) that I use JBidwatcher to place a bid, within a few days I will receive a message from someone (fake email address) that offers to sell the item directly to me (outside of eBay) and if I reply to their eMail they will furnish me with instructions.

Here is a copy of the last message that I received:

Hello gifutiger,
I am sorry if i disturbing you, but i want let you know that i am the seller of the item: 370009176629 ,if you are still interested to buy it please make your best offer once you receive this email and please be reasonable and we can have a deal. Contact me as soon as possible for more details about closing the transaction at this email:! Waiting for your answer!

I have not responded to these eMails but have reported them to eBay and eBay has responded that they are fraudulent and they are investigating.