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Avatar wolfy 2 post(s)

Hi all!

While I’m quite sure that someone might’ve asked/proposed this before, it is still not jbidwatcher’s behaviour in the latest release, therefore here we go:

If I open certain (popup) dialogues, like “Add auction”, “Comments > Write” or “Advanced > Set shipping”, the focus is on the first button (usually “OK”) instead of the input field.

BTW: Curiously enough, this is not the case in the “Sniping” dialogue, where it is in the first input field (“How much do you wish to snipe”), where in fact I do expect it.

It is cumbersome in those other dialogues that I have to change the focus first if I want to input anything – after all, if I open such dialogues it is more often than not the case that I am going to enter or change a value, in which case I need focus on the input field and not the button. Moreover, the “OK” button is the same as pressing “Enter” from an input field anyway, so I very rarely ever need the focus on the “OK” button.

Perhaps it would be nice to make this configurable for dialogues (legend: ( ) = radio button, [ ] = checkbox)

Focus policy
( ) Focus on “OK”
( ) Focus on “Cancel”
(+) Focus always on first or only input field
( ) Focus on first or only input field on first keypress

[+] Mark content in input field as soon as focussed

(The shown selections would be my default ;o)

Especially the “Mark content as soon as focused” should be configurable, because not all people like the fact that the old input goes away on the press of the first key – and of course the combination of “Focus on first or only input field on first keypress” and “Mark content in input field as soon as focussed” is questionable – the content of the first or only input field would go away on first keypress without warning if the keypress is treated as activation request AND input, but in that case the first keypress might either just move the focus and do nothing else, or the checkbox could just be deactivated and ignored if the 4th radio-option is selected.

Any additional or different thoughts?

PS: Version 1.0.2 with Sun JDK 1.5 on Ubuntu 7.04 – if that is of any significance :o)

PPS: It would be nice if the topic title was editable as well after posting originally… at least I didn’t find where I could do that, had to remove and re-post.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The focus is supposed to be on the first input field. :(

I don’t know why the snipe dialog behaves differently, unfortunately, or I’d replicate that to the other dialogs.

I’m not a fan of making it configurable when there’s a ‘right’ answer, which is to be focused on the first input field.

I could make a ‘spot beta’ version available that you could test to see if the focus behavior is better, if you’re willing to check it out.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!