Easy Change Request-Unreadable Color

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Avatar stevestrike 4 post(s)

I cannot read auction descriptions that are red colored, when they are highlighted in the dark blue color. Is it just me?

Anyway, if there is a way to change the color of the text when highlighted, that would be great. I noticed that the black text turns white when highlighted, so something for the red (and blue in completed items) would work well too.

Thanks for this great program!


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Take a look at this suggestion and see if it helps:

The dark blue color you see being used for hilighting is the color chosen by the operating system. You can override it, as described in the FAQ above, but the one time I tried to change it I got a lot more flack about not following operating system conventions. So it’s configurable. I recommend the brownish/tan color selection, it’s worked pretty well for me.

— Morgan

Avatar Ron 10 post(s)

Great program! I just tried the color fix & it is much easier to read the auction descriptions using the tan color.

Thanks so much Morgan!


Avatar stevestrike 4 post(s)

That works great! I’m sorry I missed that in the FAQs… I did look—honest!

Thanks again.

Avatar nughaud 1 post

I’m glad this option is available, but my question would be why is this not an option located under Edit? You have an option to edit the background color but the foreground color is not a readily available option. I had to search the forums to find this and then go and select my color after using the color wheel. I think everyone can agree the default MS Windows color is horrid for this application and a default color of anything lighter would make the green show up. I guess my only question is why is this not an easy option to set similar to the background color? The plus is I can change it, but the downside is it’s a pain, especially if a novice wanted to do it.