Where has the CyberFOX been...?

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Work’s been kicking my butt lately, I’m afraid. I did a major architectural upgrade of one of our infrastructure libraries at work (where I do both Java and Ruby on Rails), and have been spending most of the past several weeks getting it ready for prime-time, and then last week we deployed it live. A few hitches, and everything seems to be working pretty well, so maybe things’ll die down to a dull roar for a bit and I can catch some programming time at home.

I’m working on the next version of JBidwatcher, and one of my problems right now is merging the bunch of changes that were made to fix up JBidwatcher between 1.0 (when the code forked for the ‘Next’ version) and 1.03pre1 into the ‘next gen’ JBidwatcher codebase. I made a lot of architectural changes to JBidwatcher, to better match what I’ve learned in the roughly 7 years I’ve been developing Java now. While those change’s have made the code LOTS better, unfortunately they make it a little hard to integrate changes from the 1.0 version in. :(

I’d rather get the new version to a stable point and let people start using it, then make more changes in the 1.0.x codebase, as long as 1.0.x is still basically working.

So those two things are the core reason for my long silence here. My day job, and trying to make the new version a better program.

I keep an eye on the forums, and I’ve been really grateful to see folks helping each other out!

Thanks muchly!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!