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Anyone got any help with a hack (or working version!) of snipe software that works on sites running rwAuction Pro?

Here’s the homepage:

I am somewhat literate with rudimentary tinkering around in Visual Basic, so can probably play with the java source but it will take me FOREVER. I was hoping someone who knows what they’re doing can be of assistance…

Thanks! :)

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nobody can assist? I’ve tried toying with rubyonrails and the whole “scrubyt” but being a novice it’s a bit confusing. Probably because I downloaded the standalone Ruby win32 executable and am not doing something right.

I would love if someone could get me on the way with simple laymans terms on how to install Scrubyt (and its required Ruby components) on an apache server (or windows xp). Hell, I’ll be happy to fill this thread with updates and working source examples as I go, which will benefit everyone!

An ounce of someone’s effort to get me on the way = hours and hours of in-depth work on a sniper that works other sites. Who can resist??? I dare you :)

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ECHO ECho Echo echo ……… is this thing on?

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ECHO ECho Echo echo ……… is this thing on?

Heh… Sorry, it’s just a little hectic right now. eBay’s causing havoc in various ways, and so I’ve been focusing on that. There’s a lot of interesting stuff that can be done with ScrubyT but, to be honest about it, any kind of serious attempt at doing what you’re looking for will require some decent programming skills, and generally an understanding of the way an HTML page is laid out from the DOM perspective. It doesn’t really matter what language you use, you’ll still need that.

Depending on the auction site it might not even be relevant, and to determine that, you’re also going to need a modicum of understanding of auction theory. For example, auto-extending auctions require an entirely different approach than fixed-end-time auctions. (Auto-extending auctions are easier to game, in fact.)

Just in the scraping space, I’m a fan of ScrubyT because I intuitively understood a lot of what it was doing, since I’d been doing scraping for 7 years, and it’s the first decent approach to automatically building scrapers that I’ve seen.

You install ScrubyT by going:
<pre>gem install scrubyt</pre>
On Unix, you may need to put sudo before that, to run it as root.

Their page has a lot more about how to use it than I could reasonably go into… The easiest thing to do is create and test a sample-based scraper (usually about 10 lines of code in ScrubyT), then at the end, export a ‘real’ extractor, which will work in general.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

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Thanks. I’m not sure I can get as far as the “Gem” installations. For what it’s worth, I am quite literate with using google for help but alas, for some reason there’s no laymans instruction manual for dummies like me to get these basics down. I realize it may be hard to believe, but although I am having an issue with installing “Scrubyt” and its backbone software (rubyrails) I have no problems really hobbling together a compiled software.

Anyone help a dummy like me get RubyonRails installed on a linux server for someone who is most familiar using Dreamweaver to FTP stuff/ set folder permissions etc…? :)

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Anyone got any help with this? I’m still stuck here and it’s been several months :) (bump)