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The code on SourceForge doesn’t appear to be up to date. Well the Subversion repository definitely isn’t. I gave up trying to guess what CVS would accept as a module name… :(

Anyway, I’ve made a few bug fixes (and submitted bug reports at SourceForge with those fixes) but I’d like to know what the correct mechanism is. Is SourceForge just being used for the bug tracking/feature request functionality, or is it the CVS repository that’s the master source copy? Thanks.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


For the 1.0.1 branch, the CVS repository is the right one.

The Subversion repo was where I was going to work on the ‘next next’ version of JBidwatcher, but I migrated to my own SVN repo for it, because SF doesn’t allow enough control.

The CVS instructions on Sourceforge work pretty well; the module is jbidwatcher.
<pre>[mrs@fox qt]$ export [mrs@fox qt]$ cvs login Logging in to CVS password: [mrs@fox qt]$ cvs co jbidwatcher</pre>Just hit enter at the password prompt, do the checkout as shown above, and you’ll have checked out the latest CVS source.

I hope that helps; let me know if you need more info to get it out!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!