Feature Request: conditional sniping

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Avatar TruckTurner 1 post


I really like Jbidwatcher a lot and I still won some auctions using it ;-)
Since I regularly bid on foreign auctions I’m facing high shipping costs – that’s where the following feature would help a lot reducing the shipping-per-item-ratio.

I wonder if it’s possible for you (or someone) to implement a feature which allows ‘conditional sniping’. Kind of like an inversed multi-snipe…

Example: Item A ends before item B. I’m trying to win BOTH – so if I didn’t win item A don’t snipe on B at all! I’m well aware that I then have to take the risk of still not winning item B and ending up winning just A – but hey – there has to be at lest some risk to it ;-)

Best regards,

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


It’s something I’m considering for the ‘next gen’ version of JBidwatcher. A more general scripting-based means of defining the circumstances under which the auction will be sniped on, and then you can define whatever you want for conditions (and even cooler, share the scripts, so you’d have a set of user-created conditions to pick from).

It’s not there, yet, though. :)

That’s the direction I’ve been thinking, though…hope that helps!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Esteban Mart... 1 post

Hi Morgan
I Really would like to help in JB’s development.
I was thinking about scripting-based snipping when I found this post.
If you could help me to understanding a bit the code I think I could develop this feature. There are two concrete situations that it is possible to be interesting to implement:
1.-That the value of a snipe should depends on the value of other one or better on the difference between the maximum and the final value.
2.-To define conditions that must be fulfilled in order that the snipe is realized.

I think this is very similar to the formulae that can be defined in Excel and Oocalc. If I manage to understand the current code I would not matter to entrust of it (in the measure of my capacities).

I wait for your answer about it. Greeting and thanks for this program.

PD: Sorry about my english.

Avatar Rik 1 post

Another request for this feature.