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I’d be happy to help on a Spanish translation. Are there any guidelines or an official plan for translations?

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I’m working on a next-gen ‘Evolved’ version of JBidwatcher, which hopefully will support translatability…

Unfortunately, for the 1.0.1 codebase, it’s really not there. :(

I’ll probably create a forum for translations when I can put something out there that folks can translate.

Thanks VERY much for the offer, and I hope you’ll stick around for when I do make that possible!

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

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I’m sticking around! (But I don’t seem to find a way to subscribe a forum or thread?)

I do not intend to make the following a general purpose solution and I’m looking forward to helping you with the upcoming truly translatable version, but I need to make some basic translation for a sister of mine who doesn’t speak English.

I’ve downloaded the sources and have found some strings in the Java code. I’m a programmer myself and although I don’t use Java, your code is pretty easy to understand (clean and tidy, congratulations!)

I’ve found holds most strings for the menu. May I ask you for the names of all files containing UI strings? That’s everything I’ll need for now, and I promise I won’t bother you again. :-)

If you don’t want to discuss this in public, I’ll understand.


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I’m sticking around! (But I don’t seem to find a way to subscribe a forum or thread?)

Well, the ‘Monitor Topic’ checkbox at the top should work, although I haven’t tried it yet. :)

Anyhow… Ummm…unfortunately, while I appreciate the kudos for the code being somewhat clean (! it is?!?), I’m afraid UI strings are scattered throughout the program. You’ll see my first approach at trying to put together the list of strings that are for UI purposes with the pervasive comment text ‘$NON-NLS-1$’, which basically means that the string on that line is not for internationalization.

I did that a long, long time ago, and never (1) backed it out, or (2) went all the rest of the way.


Unfortunately, there are a LOT of status messages that get bubbled up to the UI from (mainly) (which is NOT so clean in the CVS version (much cleaner in my ‘Next Gen’ branch, but that’s fubared because I’ve been making changes for the July 19th problem in CVS)), and other files. is a major source of UI messages, though. If you resolve JBidMouse and JBidMenuBar, you’ve gone a really, really long way towards making it usable.

What programming language do you normally use?

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

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The Monitor Topic checkbox doesn’t seem to work (at least I’m not being notified) :-(

It’s OK, Morgan, I’ll just search the essential strings so my sister can use the software without me helping her every other day. That’ll do for now.

I haven’t done any “real” programming lately. I’m an old man already and I’ve used 8086 assembly, Basic and Fortran at the beginning (a long long time ago…) and a lot of C in the last 15 years. Now I’m learning Python and Ruby for fun.

Keep the good work and don’t hesitate contacting me directly if you need help with translations in the future.

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I’d be more than hapy to help on a French Translation

Alas, my programming skills are not that good. Willing to improve them however…

Don’t hesitate to mail me if I can help…


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if you need a helping hand for the german translation, give me a sign.


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I can help for Italian translation


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I’d love to help with Polish translation. Just let me know!