bid not more than minimum next bid problem, 'Unknown error sniping on' error

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Situation: I set my snipe at $171.25 (odd price due to a multisnipe with a auto-shipping deduction). My bid did not get placed because the auction was up to $170, and the next minimum bid was $172.50. How does it calculate the next minimum bid?

Does it sound like a good advanced feature to have a set price where if this condition is found it will up your bid? If I had this ‘maximum bid increase’ feature set to $5 in the above situation it would detect that I needed to bid more and if it was less than the limit it would increase the bid.

It would be nice if the program would parse the error page and have a more informative error without viewing the error page when it has ‘Unknown error sniping on’ errors.

What license is JBidwatcher released under?

Thanks for creating a great program.

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

It uses eBay’s documented bid increments to determine what the next bid should be:

At $170, the increment is $2.50, so the next legal bid would be $172.50. Since your bid was below this JBW would cancel the snipe since eBay wouldn’t accept it. An “auto-increase bid to next legal bid” is certainly possible to do but there are some complications to consider:

- If you are prepared to round up to the next bid increment, have you actually entered your maximum bid?

- People sometimes add a little bit past the increment to try and outbid someone who bid the exact amount (this only works if their maximum bid is not yet the current bid). Should the auto-increment bid feature take account of that?

To be honest, I’m inclined to leave it since putting in your real maximum bid fixes the issue – you just have to be able to live with the outcome. The “if only I had bid X!” regret is something I’m sure we’ve all had. You get used to it – you lost this one but you’ll win something else later on and, if it’s a steal, you can be sure someone else is saying “if only I had bid X!” instead of you!

(The “Unknown error sniping on” error was probably a the “enter or more” outbid notice. I have a code fix for this (which works on anyway) but can’t remember if I added it to the bug fixes at SourceForge when I did it.)

Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

SourceForge bug tracking for “bid is too low” detection:

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


Whew. It’s nice to have knowledgable users! :)

Laurence has it pretty much dead on.

I’ll take a look at the bid failure and see if I can come up with a solution… Unfortunately ‘or more’ is a bit too little to search for comfortably, as it could show up otherwise on result pages.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!