Problem with Incorrect pricing after pasting item # into Jbidwatcher

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Hi everyone, long time reader – first time poster here :-)

I donated to this fantastic little piece of software back in May this year as I just found I can’t live without it to be honest.

After taking a break from ebay for a while, I’ve decided to get back into it and I found I’m having this strange problem where the “Current Price” comes up incorrectly after I’ve put the Item number in etc.

For example (here is the link I’ve uploaded so you can see: ) after using the Add Auction key I copied & pasted the number from ebay in there and as highlighted you can see it’s coming up as $500.00 for the current price. The ACTUAL price is $5.00 only. This has happened a few times and I’m wondering how this can be corrected or is it something I’m doing wrong…as I cannot put a snipe bigger than $500 on it!! It’s also saying it’s a Buy It Now item and it’s not.

Either way, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Avatar pixiii 3 post(s)

Is anyone having this problem?

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Was this with JBidwatcher 2.1pre4, or 2.0.1? 2.0.1 had several similar problems after a few eBay changes, most of which were resolved in 2.1pre4.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Oh I just checked my version and it’s 2.0.1-825 – so this might’ve been my problem :-)

I’ll quickly go check the site and do any updates – I feel so silly not thinking of that LOL

Thanks so much & Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all :-D

UPDATE: Everything appears to be going well – fingers crossed – thanks again!