Jbid set prices semselve???

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Avatar lsh 2 post(s)

Hi, I was define complex search at yesterday evening and today at morning I sometimes have “red” prices 1.00 in the Max field without parenthes, which I was not define. Snipe cancelling on rightclick is not highlighted.

I use latest JBid, but I use it really few days. Linux 2.6 with SUN Java 1.6.

Many thanks!

Avatar bouh 3 post(s)

I got the exact same problem too !!
Yesterday at home I had most (not all) of my items (from My Items and also my from My Selling Items) with a 1€ Red value in the MAX column. Impossible to cancel it, had to delete all the items on JBid and import a fresh list.

This morning at work I see the same problem on the version running here.

Using on both computer the version 2.0.1-825 with Java build 1.6.0_13-b03
Windows XP SP3 with all the latest patch.