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You can throw this one out of the nest if you want! Here’s a left field idea.

How about “I want it” thread on the forum? lets say you want something but can’t find it on ebay, I know this happens! You could post your “wanted” and a price you would pay for thie item, (because you would be prepared to "snipe’ on items then you have put a value on it) include your email address and the country you are in. Members could then contact each other. Rules could be simple, no bartering the price you would pay is the only price for the deal including postage and packing etc

So if you don’t want to sell at the “deal” price…… don’t make contact…simple

Ok feedback time….

Cheers Malcolm

Avatar hawkeye 25 post(s)

Well…. 16 people have read the above post, not one reply or comment… guess it was a dumb idea…..“goes away with head hanging in shame”

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


”goes away with head hanging in shame”

Heh… It’s not that bad; there’s usually a 100:10:1 ratio in communities… 100 people will read, 10 people will register, 1 person will contribute.

As for the core idea, I think the audience for JBidwatcher isn’t as broad as you’d want for that kind of a forum, really.

That said, could you maybe be thinking of the Want It Now program from eBay?

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

p.s. eBay’s implementation of it shows that it’s clearly not a dumb idea.