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Does anyone have a favorite bird they love to watch?

For me, I really enjoy seeing hummingbirds when I can (which isn’t often) and bluebirds, for their colorful breasts. I don’t go out of my way to watch birds but I sometimes keep an eye for them while hiking in the woods. Mostly I watch around my area and when visiting someone’s home.

My parents used to have 2 or 3 feeders for hummingbirds but they weren’t bee proof so you can guess who got most of the nectar :( – at one time they were attracting up to 5 or 6 hummingbirds with the feeders!

They also have a few outdoor birdhouses, including 2 bluebird ones.

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Heh! I’ve occasionally had hummingbird feeders also… Hummingbirds just seem magical, the way they appear to defy gravity and inertia.

Of course regular bird feeders have the same problem, but with squirrels instead of bees. There was a nature show on the lengths to which a squirrel will go (complicated barriers to overcome) to get to a bird feeder…

— Morgan

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Oh I know what you mean. My parents used to feed the birds regularly but they said it was being wasted by blackbirds, squirrels and bears. They live in the country and bears are a problem. At least 2 of their feeders were destroyed by bears. They were always able to make the feeders squirrel-proof but never bear proof. They ended up stopping the feedings after it became too costly to fill them and also replace feeders.

Now about birdwatching….
I live in the Northeast part of the US and we get a few different kinds of birds. I see a lot of robins and house finches – I was even lucky enough to have a robin build a nest on my bedroom window ledge many years ago so I could monitor mama and her babies for a time. I’ve also seen some Bluejays and of course lots of crows.
Have also seen a falcon or 2 but that is a rarity. I don’t really know what we have in this area other than that. I’ll have to check sometime.

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my favourite sight was spotting Goldcrest – smallest bird in Europe – and White-tailed Eagle within a minute. For US people, the White-tailed Eagle is European counterpart of Bald Eagle. Yet another favourite is Black Woodpecker. A really passionate bird who seems to build nests here and there for fun. “Builds” is not the best words for this process. Slams or smashes would be more precise.

Luckily i can feed the birds in peace, as i live in relatively remote area and squirrel population is kept under control by owls and martens.


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A jenny wren. Not sure how widespread this bird is but it weighs about 10g and can sing an incredibly complicated song at about 90dB.
It also has an endearing habit of going everywhere with its tail stuck up in the air.

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I’m new to the forum – so why not post 8 months after the last one? Hey!
I am a bird listener more than a watcher. My favorite call is from the mourning dove, which I believe should be renamed the Morning Dove, leaving out the U. It only sounds like mourning to the MOURbid person who gave it that name, in my opinion.

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I live in FL. All the birds are awesome here, but my favorite is the anhinga:

They are cranky and extremely primitive. Their wings are not oiled like those of other birds, so they have to perch with their wings spread, to dry them out…and this is wonderful to see.