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Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

I am on a Mac. I have not seen a better eBay manager. I found Jbidwatcher on the Apple site.

What it is missing, is a way to place simultaneous bids from different locations, when we are off line.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I am a Mac user also. I usually set the JBW to bid from home and the iMac is always on.

But sometimes I don’t remember if I set the snipe amount high enough, so I will load up JBW from office (also using a Mac, either on iMac or MBP), and set to snipe also on the same item, so I will make sure I can win the item I wanted, and they seem to work that way.

I think it only matters when its time to snipe, and since JBW is always login, it will snipe (I think). I do not believe that one will be disable if one is login as I don’t see the 2nd load of JBW not login when I tried from Office while the JBW at home is ready to snipe.

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

You know that is really good Zappram, it is an established sniper technique to use two teams approaching simultaneously from different directions. By using two servers, with two databases in different places, it reduces your chances of missing your bid because of network glitches, or computer malfunctions. Is there anywhere that both locations share a network, or ISP?

Because wherever they cross, if that point went out, both bids might be delayed. You can improve on that system if you can have one of those servers come from far away, so that a local network glitch cannot delay your bid.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I am in California, so the internet connection is really not an issue. I do use different ISP from work and home, but the reason i run JBW at office is only because I forgot if I set the snipe or if the snipe $ amount is high enough. Beyond that, I’d really never had network issue that JBW cannot snipe. Over here, we get wireless speed of 16MPS and with cable at home, we can get to 150MPS, but I am only paying for 25MPS service, because it’s just a home connection and I don’t do downloading of files, etc.

Now I am thinking maybe I can setup to snipe from so many places, that maybe I will win too much? :D

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

This may be of help?

Cupid says :> If both servers try to place bids at the same time, sometimes eBay accepts both bids, and this is an indication to others that you are using an automated tool, some don’t like that to be evident. <

If they both get to ebay at the same time eBay might take them both, and show them both.

Cupid says :> When the offsets are different usually the second is blocked by eBay because eBay do not allow two bids of the same amount from the same account at different times.<

If you delay one snipe then if the first one fails, the second might get through. If the first one makes it eBay will block the second.

Electrical blackouts have covered twelve states at a time. Any network, any area of the country can go down. A bid coming from outside of the effected area is sure to have priority.

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