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Mult Snipe Feature Needs CLEARER Warning Instruction!

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Avatar lake 1 post

Well, it was my first attempt to try it and it figures it was 3 auctions i had my heart set on. I must be dumber than i thought. Yes, I read the Warning more than once and even read the Q&A. I understood it to mean I could win all 3 which is what i had hoped for! Well, I WON the first one But then I found out it Failed to snipe the others because i had won!! Why Doesn’t It Say This Up Front? The program has been great and I appreciate it But This really ruined my day. The other two auctions ended with the price 1/10 of my max bid.
The person had 3 auctions with different numbers ending at the same time a second apart! I only set it to bid a minute before the end thinking i was giving jb enough time. I feel sick about it as i was hoping to begin a new business and this was to be my inventory. Darn! I feel dumber than a stump. Why couldn’t you just say it in plain english?
I ended up winning the auction i cared least about and lost the two others for No reason other than It not firing. If it had just explained/said this in plain and simple english I would have never used it for this Or bid on the others separate. Please excuse my rant but it’s the first time it ever let me down and i’m not a big sniper. And i needed this inventory which i never see anywhere on auction so me i was really excited. And i don’t have much money but was hopin to get through the winter based on makin this dream come true! The Warning doesn’t make sense to a simple person like me. I think someone needs to rewrite it in simplified terms.

Avatar turbulin 3 post(s)

sorry to say that but i think your a bit dumb… multisnipe is exactly for that purpose winning only 1 of multiple auction that interest you. really straight foward and jbidwatcher does exactly what it should have done.

for what you want to do… you just need to snipe each of the 3 auctions.

ive try other apps that want to make you pay that work like shit.

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