JBid running at auction end??

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Avatar FrankBid 2 post(s)

Newbie here. Just looking for clarification on something. I placed an ebay snipe with JBidwatcher for an auction that ends about 8 hours from now. Do I need to leave my computer on and JBidwatcher running? Does my internet browser need to be running with the Ebay site open?

Sorry for the dumb question, I’ve read through the forums but want to be absolutely sure.


Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

YES, keep your computer running JBW while maintain internet connection with your ISP from your computer….

JBW will snipe, it’s not a service on someone else’s machine (their server).

Good luck. I’d been saving a lot of money time and effort and money using JBW for years and donates a few times…. if JBW works for you, consider a donation, any amount will work, so ti will keep the author motivated to work on it all the time…

Have find sniping now…. :-)