Auction Sentry Deluxe vs JBW ??

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Avatar Hayseed 6 post(s)

I have been using Auction Sentry Deluxe for my eBay snipes for some time, but they recently raised their prices from $11.95 per year to $4.95 per month. How does JBW compare with Auction Sentry Deluxe ?? Has anyone out there in JBW land used Auction Sentry Deluxe and can offer some comments ??
I’m ready to make a switch … thanks

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

JBW is shareware, I pay sometimes a few times in the past.

Any software has bugs (ask Microsoft) and as long as they get to fix it up so it will work, it’s like a car, which always require maintenance and sometimes repairs.

I have no experience of the Auction Sentry Deluxe, but I would suggest that you setup JBW and try it on some items. If it works for you, you could donate your $12, or if you win a lot of the items you like, then donate more as time goes to keep the author going also.

for monthly $5 fee, I would expect that Auction Sentry Deluxe to be (flawless)? probably not true in reality as ebay keep making changes everyday on all their servers.

Avatar Ivanovich 36 post(s)

I’ve been using booth programs for many years, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. JBid uses Java which isn’t as reliable as .NET which AS uses but JBid has more options (like configurable tabs). The truth is (IMHO) that you need to run more than one sniper if you have items that you really want to win.


Avatar afleance 44 post(s)

I don’t see how AuctionSentry can charge $5/month, when you can sign up for gixen mirror for $6/year.

I’ve used JBidwatcher for 100s of snipes, and it works very well. I did just have a weird problem I just posted about on help forum today, but I think it was due to a corner case of the seller updating the auction. Only other problem I had was I set the snipe time too low (2 seconds) and snipes failed a couple times because not enough time to snipe. I’ve since changed it to 5 seconds, and it is working fine. (Default snipe time is 10 seconds before auction end.)

I wouldn’t make any decision based on Java vs .NET. There is no stability problem with java; Most of fortune 500 companies use java somewhere in their IT departments.