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Avatar guardian4u 2 post(s)

I am trying to avoid using proxy bids on ebay. I am seeing people either shill bidding or jacking up the price trying to beat my max bid. Is there a better way of winning an item using JBidwatcher? Is there an option with JBid to slowly increment my bids? I am getting frustrated with Ebay allowing shill bidding and losing out on items I want. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I think maybe you can run JBW from 2 separate machines, 1 to snipe at say 50% of what you want to bid up to as maximum, and set that to like 20 or 15 seconds before auction ending time, then the 2nd machine to 100% of what your max bid will be like 8 or 7 seconds before the end. That’s just my thought, never really tested it, but I had forgotten to switch off JBW from home and my JBW was sniping also from the office, and I was the winner with 3 snipes according to the BID HISTORY.

Someone please try and let me know if that is what I think will work?

Also, on the same note, how do you tell if someone is doing the shill bidding on the items you are bidding on? Please enlighten me if you have time. Thanks.