Any Bidwatcher Success Stories out there???

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Avatar Xman1 5 post(s)

I am becoming paranoid…. Going over the forums, it seems all I read about are the problems and glitches. “Lost bid”, “Missed snipe”, “Bid cancelled”, etc. etc. I don’t see much of… “Won bid”, Last-second win", etc. etc. So, what I’d like to know is… Are there success stories out there?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

People mostly come here (or the bug tracker) to report problems, or ask questions about the behavior. That’s mostly how I find out that there are bugs that my own testing doesn’t find.

When they win an item, they usually crow about it on their own blogs, or twitter about it, or stuff like that.

It’s the squeaky-wheel syndrome, mostly.

That’s not to say I mind; I really appreciate folks reporting problems. I’m just aware that I see an overabundance of problem reports, and an underreporting of success because of it.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

Success is always under reported especially when success become normality.
For me JBid watcher, with the odd few problems recently has become ‘boring’.
This is a very good thing. You use it and it just works away in the backgrond of life
I wish all my software was as ‘boring’ as JBidwatche, my lief would be so much easier.
I used to manually snipe, often forgot, or classically at home in the evenng or on a Sunday I would bid and my broadband would stop, just long enough for me to miss the end of the auction and note that my bid was higher than the winner. I had to find an answer to this and it was JBidwatcher.
Oh yes other times I would stay at work to manually snipe when I really wanted to go home. Other times I would get home in time and then forget !
JBidwatcher = success
Thanks Morgan

Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

I’ll second that.

I used to snipe manually, sometimes forgetting, sometimes missing by a split second, twice forgetting to sign in before bidding!

When I sniped successfully, I had usually wasted at least a couple of hours waiting around. Other times I could not be there at all, and was outbid.

The earlier JBWs have been a bit glitchy, but have only failed on me once, I think. That is a much better record than my manual bidding. And now that 2.1 is out, it seems much more stable. I won my first bid this evening with an 8 second snipe set, and 8 seconds before the end is when it bid. This software has a quality feel!

Thanks, Morgan!

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

I’ve had ‘failures’ from JBW, but I think they have been down to either my pc or our Broadband at work
Oh yes the forgetting t sign in, been there have T shirt
How fast can you sign in ? – Not fast enough !

Dodgy Geezer – you must be in the UK !

Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

Indeed I am…:(

Avatar Mitchella 2 post(s)

the first time I used it I got a weird error, but the second time it worked great and i won the item: I was the ony bid. Right on time, no anxiety. My pulse was low the whole time while I watched this baby go to work… Thanks and I am looking for something else to buy just to use it again.

Avatar GVDub 3 post(s)

I’d had several successful snipes using Jbidwatcher at this point. Most recent was for a vintage manual lever espresso machine on Ebay Italy. My connection from home and from work is fast enough that a 5 second snipe time works beautifully. It’s a great piece of software.

Avatar sapphyre 2 post(s)

5 second snipes; most recently a cell phone :)

Avatar erik 3 post(s)

I opened my ebay account years ago, trying to get a PDA of my own through the HP-sales. After losing all my bids (and not truly understanding why) I abandoned it as unuseful. Then recently I discovered the “buy it now” advertisement for drawing tools and materials. Then I discovered really cheap stuff interesting for me, but not for others like old vintage prints, some books, or even tools. So I googled Ebay tools and found the bidwatcher. The learning curve has been really fast. Once I have readed carefully the FAQ (Knowing that Ebay will will charge me the second highest bid plus 0.50 was a must), I started doing some intelligent bids. Altho it doesn’t work getting you 100% of the bids, it’s really accurate when you know how to put your limit.

Yesterday night I won my 7th bid using the tool. It was for an article that noone seemed to have noticed and got a sniping at just 5 secs from the final. Fortunately I’ve sniped it at 3 seconds and got a bargain for just 1.49$ :)

Problem? It made Ebay addictive!!!

Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)


I’ve just been commenting elsewhere that you do NOT want to snipe at the last second. You want to snipe sufficiently late so that you cannot be responded to, but within that frame you should go as EARLY as possible.

If you have decided to bid at a higher price than anyone else, you will usually win the item. Usually, but not always. The only time you will not win is when your higher bid is not high enough to go past the minimum bidding level. I am repeating myself from the other thread, but imagine an item displaying at a price of 10. It has a maximum (hidden) bid of 11 on it. You (being a wily sniper) have accurately guessed this position, and feel that a bid of 11.50 will capture the item. There is another sniper in the offing, and he thinks 11.30 will be enough.

If you bid at 10 seconds to go, and he bids at 5 seconds, he will lose. If he bids at 10 seconds to go and you bid later at 5 seconds, you will lose, even though you were prepared to bid higher. The reason is that he has now set the bar at 11.80, and your bid, though higher, is not high enough.

You are right, though, about this sort of thing being addictive. If you do not keep a close eye on your spending you will have to start selling all the stuff you have bought….

Avatar bobfry2 13 post(s)

I am building an experimental airplane (RV-9A for those interested), and bought a number of the specialty tools on eBay using JBidwatcher. I missed some good auctions at first mostly from operator error, but got the hang of it and sniping is definitely the way to win. It used to irritate me no end when I lost to a snipe. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so I did. Thanks Morgan! Also today I posted my first ever eBay sale (an older GPS), and use JB to keep an eye on competing sales of the same item.

Avatar Magic8Ball 2 post(s)

Just to redress the success story/complaint balance – I have been using JBidwatcher for a few months, I don’t use Ebay very much, but I reckon with JBidwatcher I’m winning about 80% – 90% of auctions I go for – failures are due to me not bidding enough, or the price going over my max before the snipe is due – I’ve never had JBidwatcher fail to place a snipe.

I run it with snipes set to 4 seconds before auction end, they generally go in with 1 or 2 seconds left according to Ebay.

Today I won 4 items, all with JBidwatcher. Two had Buy It Now prices which I took out manually by placing a manual bid earlier in the day, in both cases someone sniped my low starting bid with 5 seconds left – if I was sniping manually I wouldn’t have been able to respond to this in time, however JBidwatcher fired in with my max snipe with a second to go both times and won both items!

The other two items I won with normal snipes with no competition.

I missed one item (price went over my max before snipe was due to be placed)

JBidwatcher is an excellent tool, it’s not foolproof but definitely gives users an advantage.

I’ve made a donation of the amount I reckon I saved today, this is an excellent tool and should be supported!

Avatar Zena Blase 10 post(s)

I have a success story from just today on the first time I tried JBidwatcher!

I’d set up the application without even having to read any help files and set it to bid 5 seconds out from auction end time which was 3:30:08.

I won my item with a snipe placed at 3:30:03. You can’t ask for better than that!
Here’s a tip: I used the NIST website at: to synchronize my computer in Windows “Internet Time Properties” tab a few hours before auction end and let ‘er run. The time-window you need to allow will depend on several factors, including your connection speed and your own computer’s time setting, and maybe even your computer’s own processing speed.

For me the snipe was placed exactly to-the-second. At this rate I’d feel comfortable with a 2-second snipe.

As a refugee from the (once great) Auction Sentry program, I was in need of a solid replacement and it looks like I’ve found one.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

Before, I was constantly losing the big and don’t remember to bid, or get outbid at the end with the items I want on eBay.

Then I discover JBW. The first time when I setup JBidWatcher on my Mac, I won a few auctions and I was so happy, I sent in my donation right away.

I figure, I’d probably never would have the time and the ability to stay with the computer, and check and update the listings and place a bet …. but judging from the savings, I was happy and continue using JBW.

Buying on eBay has its own risks, but JBW made it fun to bid and win most of the items you want, Ok ok, I do lose some because I am cheap, and I didn’t snipe at high $ amount, okay?

So far, I am very happy with the results of all the winnings. All I do is to search and mark the listings I want to buy with JBW, place the snipes and just leave my Mac running and let JBW do the work. Most of the time, I will wake up and check my email and MyeBay to discover all the items I won, and would be happy about all the winnings all day. :)

There were updates required due to changes from eBay and breakage from eBay, etc. but JBW made me eBay addicted …. coz I can win if I want to (haha). So, I urge everyone to consider sending donation (even if you did once), so we can keep JBW going for Morgan. eBay is always changing, and that requires new version of JBW, we all owe it to Morgan. JBW help you save money and time… right?

Avatar guywithacamera 2 post(s)

I’ve been using JBW for years and it’s the only way I bid anymore. I simply set my highest bid then LEAVE IT ALONE. If I win…Yippee!, if I don’t…then I didn’t really want it anyway. I like the fact that it removes the ‘auction fever’ from bidding. Generally, I’ve had great success with the tool. The only complaints I have are minor and I realize that much of it is EBay’s fault since they can’t seem to stop screwing around with their code.