Recommended Amounts?

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Avatar LaneLester 6 post(s)

I had a max bid for $15.00 on an item (before I learned to snipe with JBidwatcher), and I got beat by $15.01. I thought the increments were more than that, but oh well.

Have you found certain increments to be better than others? Is it better to snipe $15.01 than $15.00? What about $15.02… you see what I mean?


Avatar Destro 8 post(s)

I usually bid $x.73. It’s best to bid an odd number, because if you bid $15.00 and someone else put in a proxy bid for $15 earlier, they win. Any odd amount above the flat dollar amount will work though. I just picked $0.73 at random, and because it’s above $0.50, which is often a bid increment.

The $15.01 could have happened because of previous bids of odd amounts ($9.01, $10.01). The $0.50 or $1.00 increment then added on top of those amounts, and because someone else had a higher proxy bid than your $15, they won. Their bid might have been $25, so they would have won either way.

I tend to be pretty aggressive with my snipe amounts, if it’s an item I really want. I bid what I think it will take to win the item, based on the average selling price of other similar items, plus $0.73, and hope for the best.

Avatar teabag 8 post(s)

yeah I tend to bid stupid amounts like x.75 or x.83 or something like that.