Snipe time too long...

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Avatar (SF) BSD Dude 1 post

Just a thought… add a config option for user defined time to snipe from end of auction, 30 seconds is way too long (if safe). I just changed it to a 3 second delay, hope it works. heheh.

Neat proggie, by the way. Still looking it over.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I agree, 30 seconds is generally too long. Especially with a DSL or Cable connection.

The main issue is that in order to bid, it needs to submit a preliminary bid to eBay, get the resultant page, and submit another page to do the bid. While this is USUALLY a very quick operation, I found that under bad circumstances it can take about 15 seconds to do all that on a 28.8K modem. I doubled that, in order to give a safe overhead. In the code, as you’ve probably seen, I’ve actually gone as far as to give EVERY individual auction it’s own snipe time. All it would take is a bit more UI work in order to present a friendly display to the end-user that lets them set their own snipe value. I definitely need to do more work on the configuration options screens… However, I’ve recently found myself unemployed and basically broke. This leaves me in the position of not really doing anything on eBay for a while. If you’re using JBidWatcher, PLEASE use the CVS version! The currently released version may have trouble with eBay’s current pages and such. Anyhow, hopefully I’ll get to doing the extra UI work soon. If you have the desire to put something together, I’d be VERY happy to look at patches adding this capability to the program! Thanks muchly for your comments! — Cyberfox