So far, so good.

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Avatar (SF) Michael... 1 post

Well, after having tried iSnipeIt with many problems (it crashed once, and hasn’t init or even run since then) I gave up on sniping.

Then, I found this app… it’s not too shabby. I’ve tried it once, so far, on an auction where I ended up being the only bidder. Now, obviously I won… but I can tell that it works nicely.

Actually, since I’m a java developer (I primarly write dynamic servlet-based apps) I may stick my toe in the waters and see if I can lend some help. Of course, I’ll have to see what the code looks like, first… ;)

Anyway, so far, so good…

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Thanks, and I’m glad your sniping went well!

I’d love to have the help, I’ve been a little low on time lately because of integration at work (we got bought), so I haven’t really done that much. The eBay bidding thing was huge, though, and had to get done. Actually, if you do look at the code, and decide that it’s too ugly to work with, I’d love to hear comments as to what’s wrong with it. I’ve gotten a few, and they all make it better, so I even like hearing criticism!

— Morgan Schweers