JBid Splash Screen:Cat holding a sniper rifle

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Avatar (SF) Tyson F... 2 post(s)

I could have swore that I saw a picture of a cat looking through a window and holding a sniper rifle this morning when I rebooted my machine which autolaunched JBid. Normally I just see a bird holding some binoculars. I can’t seem to reproduce the picture again. Is this supposed to randomly show when you start JBid once in a while? Is this an “easter egg”?

I’m running JBidWatch-0.9.3pre2.jar under WinXP with Sun’s Java.

I’d like to make the picture my wallpaper. How can I view the picture again?

Avatar (SF) Alan Fr... 3 post(s)

And today is…

When I saw it I said “What the hell is that!?” then I realized. If you manage to get it to show up again, you can hit your “Print Screen” key to make a screen capture to the clipboard, then open any image editing program and do a “paste”.

Alan Franzman

Avatar (SF) Alan Fr... 3 post(s)

P.S. to see the kitty again, exit JBidWatcher. Open JBidWatch.cfg in a text editor such as Notepad. Look for the line “sniperkitty=true” and change it to false. Save and exit. Restart JBidWatcher.

Alan “A.J.” Franzman

Avatar (SF) Don Har... 9 post(s)

Look in the cvs for a file called jbidwatch_apr1.jpg .

Avatar (SF) james tate 12 post(s)

goto this site http://www.cafepress.com/clicheware
and you can see it

Avatar cuervo-gold 1 post

This is the picture I saw. I couldn’t get it to show back up on OS X.