Not get items from Watch list?

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Avatar Don Wiss 5 post(s)

I find that JBidwatcher automatically gets from eBay listings that were added to eBay’s Watch list. I could not find where to turn this off. I use the Watch list to monitor whether an item sells, and for how much. It is filled with items I have no intention of buying. I only check it every couple months. My preferred way to get a listing into the program would be a Firefox addon where I click a menu entry and it adds.

Avatar zen5 2 post(s)

Yes, I found this strange as well, all the sudden 83 items showed up out of nowhere! I don’t want to buy these but they are reference items for future projects. I guess they are there to stay? hmmm. I thought the simple method of adding item number would be sufficient but I guess that’s how this program is set up? Thanks for all the hard work! If it works (testing today @ 10 seconds) then I will send donation.