Feature request: Day of Week column

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Avatar Don Wiss 5 post(s)

I’m still trying to figure out the software. One thing I looked for and could not find was a Day of Week column. I have the list in Time left sort. I see things like 1d, 19h and 1d, 23h. So I have to add that to now to get the day. I don’t want the date that is ends. Then I’d have to have to figure out what day of the week is which date. And it takes up more space than just the day, which I would abbreviate to just three or four letters.

Actually, most useful would be the day and my local time that it ends.

The buy-it-nows could be different. Maybe note the days and hours left, like the Time left column. Or blank.

Thinking more about it, the Time left column has to remain. You need it for the sort. So the buy-it-nows could be blank or N/A. And can I assume the sort is using the exact time and not just what is displayed?

The day could have a week counter as a suffix. Like the second Sunday would be Sun-2. Then even buy-it-nows would work. And the sort could be smart, and do a Time left sort.