Is the savefile (auctions.xml) defunct?

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Years ago I used to have a little .bat script which ran when I booted my Windows computer, to start jbidwatcher if there were pending snipes for unexpired auctions, but not start it otherwise.

A small Perl program read .jbidwatcher\JBidWatch.cfg to find the path of the savefile (which was always .jbidwatcher\auctions.xml), and then it read auctions.xml to see if there were any pending auctions. The process of checking for pending auctions took a less than a second. The Perl script exited with errorlevel 1 if auctions were pending, and the .bat script wrapper would then start jbidwatcher.

But a few days ago I tried to resurrect that old script, and it didn’t work. The problem is that, although the “savefile” line is still present in JBidWatch.cfg, the auctions.xml file is missing.

Is there a way to get it back, or is that capability gone?

[Note: I first asked this question a few days ago in a “ticket” ( ) but that was probably the wrong place for it.]

Avatar Dave_Burton 13 post(s)


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I don’t really have enough time to dig into this and find if there’s an alternate feature you could use, but yeah, the XML save file is kaput. It really hadn’t been keeping up with all the changes I was doing, and supporting the code to keep it going was making it hard to do other development.

It should be possible to do the same thing with a small Java program that queries the database, or some other mechanisms, but it’d take me a bit of time to figure out the best way to expose that.

I’m sorry about that.

— Morgan