An alternate "Snipe".

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Avatar Krusty 8 post(s)

Hi all, sorry if I’m preaching to the converted or the posting of links isn’t actually okay but I thought because of the many comments of lost snipes I would mention the programme that I have used for over ten years & it’s never failed me. It’ easy to use & as well with one minor restriction it’s totally FREE to use. The limitation is you get FIVE (5) free snipes per week & if you need more then there is a monthly fee.

Since I rarely snipe (I buy lots of “buy now”) it suits me fine as it may well suit others.

The link is or Just Snipe.

As I say it is on-line sniping, highly reliable & easy to use. I hope this may help anyone who is not aware of it?

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

ok, thanks. so you let their server store your ebay login credential?

Avatar Krusty 8 post(s)

Yes but then you do the same on JBidwatcher, I guess there is an element of risk but Just snipe has been around for around ten years.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I think ebay sets a token from JBW, and not a password is stored on JBW server, I store my password on my computer’s JBW program, not on someone else server that I have no control with and I trust eBay as that’s where I send the snipe to, so the token is okay for me.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

JBidwatcher does not snipe from my servers; that would make me too big a target for hackers, not to mention a single-point-of-failure for eBay to shut down if they got it into their minds,

With JBidwatcher your password exists only on your own computer, and it logs in to eBay directly using HTTPS.

Many people use JBidwatcher for that reason specifically.

I’m not actually that nervous about sniping services, especially long-running ones; I, however, recommend Gixen if you want an off-computer solution. No relationship, just I respect the person who’s running it, and we’ve shared knowledge about eBay issues before.

— Morgan