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Avatar sieger007 11 post(s)

using the latest and greatest of jbidwatcher. I have a TON of completed auctions that I find HARD to delete En-Mass. Single auction delete isn’t quick either – it freezes the software for quite sometime. Knowing that it uses Embedded Derby by default- is there ANY other way to mass deleted completed auctions ? I tried to edit the auctions.xml file – but it’s far too big and cumbersome to delete stuff – plus I have many other tabs and its time consuming looking for “completed” categorY ANd deleting the block of XML code. Is there a more intuitive quick and user friendly way to get the job done ?

Avatar geoffs52 2 post(s)

I would love to delete all of my old auctions too. The system is getting way too bloated with 1,000s of completed auctions in my system.

Avatar longcamp16 17 post(s)

In the toolbar, do you periodically go to FILE, Clear Deleted Tracking, which gets rid of old auction data?

Avatar Dave Howell 15 post(s)

Kind of? I realize this is like mowing your lawn with a nuclear-powered laser-bladed hoverdrone, but I tidied up my JBid database a few years ago by going right into the database and executing SQL code directly on the data. (After making a copy of the DB files, of course.) I’ve been using RazorSQL as my ‘talk to databases’ tool for years, and I think it’s rather good. There’s a 30-day free trial.

I am not affiliated with RazorSQL in any way at all except as a customer (and I’m running a really old version).

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The next version of JBidwatcher has a scripting console, where you could write commands something like:

Auction.where(['created_at < ?', 90.days.ago]).delete_all
Entry.where(['created_at < ?', 90.days.ago]).delete_all

Then close and re-open JBidwacher.

I’m not guaranteeing that syntax, but it’ll be something like that.

— Morgan

n.b. Just tested it and that syntax currently works in JBidwatcher-2.99pre4, and I can’t see why it would change before the full 3.0 release.