Keeping history of interests?

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Avatar cootcraig 1 post

I am happy to have found JBidwatcher. I just did my first snipe and lost, JBidwatcher did just as I wanted. I want ti be able to keep a history of
ebay auctions to see price trends and inform me on what I’m willing to bid on future auctions. I think JBidwatcher will allow me to do this, but I haven’t found any howto for this. How can I do this. My workstation OS is Ubuntu and for one thing I plan to switch to MySql for the database and can write my own queries to MySql.

I would like pointers to documentation or tutorials on this.


Avatar Philip 34 post(s)

Although you can sort of use JBidWatcher to keep a history of your eBay auctions, that is not what it is intended for (it is a sniping programme) and it doesn’t do it very well. There’s certainly no documentation on doing this.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)


I use JBW to snipe and if it does, mostly I win if my set snipe price is “reasonably” high enough…. but sometimes I do win at $0.99 if no one else is bidding on it….

As for the history of the auction before….. You are better off keep a local copy on your computer, as even eBay will not display that after 3 months and even if you have a listing in your history in JBW, when you try to view that listing, it’s no longer available from the cloud….. BTW- I don’t use cloud much as I also do not trust them much (yet). Just my 2 cents worth :-)