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Greetings, recently installed Kaspersky and now unable to monitor or bid. I’ve set Application to accept or friendly and have shut down Firewall to test but neither helps. I have to shut anti-virus completely down and then all is well. Any help with this would be appreciated!

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Is this the free Kaspersky ?
I run JBid through AVG paid for and assume it works with AVG free
Could you try AVG free ?

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Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. This is a new Win8 upgrade on a new SSD Sandisk harddrive. Once installed it says FULL Version so I’m going to say that this is not what is causing Jbid to stop monitoring, bidding or logging into eBay. I have in the past other computers (laptops, home computers) that Kas has been installed on but these were on Win7 units and earlier versions of Kas. Prefer NOT to disable anti-virus just to bid