Cannot add auctions (Communication to server)

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Avatar Eric 22 post(s)


in 50% of tries to add an auction to bidwatcher I get the message “either invalid or communication error talking to server” (I can add an screenshot). It does not depend on the No., sometimes it takes it after a few tries.

With the message the sign-in status becomes crossed out. I restart it after that and sometimes it works afterwards.


Avatar Stoffie1974 3 post(s)

I also had the same error when trying to add a auction from, i live in Belgium and buy only from ebay in Germany (much more stuff to buy @ better prices)…
I tried the methode from kltxfm :
adding “ebay.non_us=true” & “” before the “=” in the JBidWatch.cfg file
Also do not forget to change (if necessary) the “ebay.us_only=” to “false”
This should be adjusted in the next update !!