Placing bids with your computer off

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Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

Jbidwatcher is excellent for making decisions and managing data. When I am not going to be around, I place my bids online at Gixen.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

JBW works well for me. I review the auction listings of the items I want/wish/need and set the snipe price of each item and that’s it.

I can be working, fooling around, out dinner, or sleeping and I will win those items that will be within my set budget ALL THE TIME. I am happy with JBW and I’d donated multiple times and won’t hesitate to do that again when I have another snipe winning at a ridiculous low winning price.

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Great tip. The settings are perfect at Gixen. I can either enjoy the show with JBW or do something else when afk, knowing Gixen is working hard for me.

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I went to check out Gixen, but I am not about to let anyone else have my ebay password. For JBW, the password is on my computer, snipe from my computer, not from other people’s machine, which the admin can see all the passwords. Right?

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

It is no different than for bank accounts, or for investments, as far as logging on goes to a secure site through an interface.

As long as you have a separate password word for Paypal, your eBay password does not have access to any funds. And, you can change your password at any time.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I hope you are not implying that it’s kind of okay to have only your eBay account password compromised?

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

Your eBay password does not have access to any funds. So, why would anyone go to the trouble to get your eBay password if they are not going to get anything out of it. There needs to be some reward, in the case of your eBay password there is none.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

so it’s okay for you to let others to have your ebay account login and password?

Maybe it’s okay for you, but not for me.

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Avatar Burrito 4 post(s)

Whilst I agree that it is not OK to let others have your ebay password (since there are some rules at ebay about purchasing items you bid on, or your account may be abused by others) I also see the point Sumflow makes… how big could the damage really be to you.

Not wanting to frighten people, but we do give our account info to JBidwatcher, we don’t know the programming, if the designer would have wished so, he could still have all our logins, no different from Gixen… again, I’m not at all saying that either admins / designers save passwords, just saying that thinking it’s safer because it’s on your PC is a bit naïve, it still connects to the internet.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

The way I look at it is:

1. JBW holds the token/with eBay from my machine with connection on internet to snipe and do things I want it to do from my machine, which I have total physical control with.

where as

2. Gixen is controlled by others… and physically not controlled by you, so you have no control.

If you ever work and run servers and services for your customers you know how easy it is to access all those confidential information.

You can disagree, but it’s the same as trusting a big company will never harm your account when all it takes is a bad employee who will steal …. Restaurants do not steal your credit card info, it’s the people who work at the restaurant that will scan or keep your credit card info and sell it to crooks.

For Gixen, other will also be able to heck into their server and take whatever they want to have fun with.

Anyhow, you do it your way, I do it my way, as long as you are happy. Who cares?

Just won many things today with JBW while I was on the road so I am happy.

So many good deals when the economy is still down….

Avatar Burrito 4 post(s)

And again, I get where you’re coming from… but you don’t actually know how any given program treats your login info… it might send it to a server anyway… that’s the point I was making. You actually don’t really know how much control you have over the info you send with a program on your desktop.

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

You can’t go through all of your life with your head stuck in the sand. Look through the consequences. So what if somebody buys everything on eBay by abusing your account? You are not going to have to pay for anything. eBay has procedures in place to let the next highest bidder win. They will apologize to you, and you just change your password and move on. It was eBay’s lack of biometric and behaviometric security that was responsible for the breach in the first place.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

glad that you think you don’t need to safeguard your eBay password.

As you said, you don’t worry about it as you will be “taken care of”.

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Will this program work all the time? The comp does have to be running right? It can not be in sleep mode either correct?

Avatar Philip 34 post(s)

Yes, the computer needs to be switched on (and connected to the internet) for JBidWatcher to work.

Avatar Sumflow 41 post(s)

If you are not going to have your computer on you can place your bids online using GIxen.

Avatar billybobber 3 post(s)

The MOST IMPORTANT thing about jbidwatcher is that it is OPENSOURCE. As a programmer for the past 20 years, if I need software, I google "open source ". Thats how I found JBW. Since JBW IS OPENSOURCE, there are no security concerns at all. Open Source software makes it impossible for the developers to steal from you. If your me, you download the source, check it out, and build it and run it, knowing that it is safe. I will GLADLY sacrifice features and functions to be able to use opensource software. That is what makes JBW so great, besides the point that in the past couple of days using it, I’ve saved approx. $300. Not bad at all.

Anyway, I would never in a million years give out my ebay creds. A hacker like me could instantly buy helicopters, cars, anything and totally mess up all of your history on Ebay. Is that something you’re willing to have happen? If so, then go ahead and use a public auction software site, or another ebay program besides JBW. As far as I know, JBW is the ONLY OS Ebay software which is fully featured. Therefore, I will never use another.

Now, I’m looking into the scripting shell, which I noticed is Ruby based, which means it is very easy to program. So, if the shell works the way it’s designed and it is fully functional, then you can do AMAZING things with JBidwatcher and make it far more advanced than any other Ebay software available. That power lies in the power of Ruby and integration into JBW. I haven’t had enough time to explore it, but, since JBW has a ruby shell, I imagine it supports some level of scripting. Now, that my friends, is RAW PURE POWER!


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Taking one shot, making one bid, embodies the basic sniper tactic and philosophy, of efficiency and stealth. Successful snipers take their time in analyzing and sniping individual items in a methodical fashion with a relatively low risk of putting the price up on themselves. You should know the value of the item, and bid a bit more one time. It is an established sniper technique to use two teams approaching simultaneously from different directions.