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after endles clicking at google i couldn’t find any Documentation for the web interface of jbidwatcher. Is there any how to or how do i have to mange this. I am using a linux server whitch is up the whole day. So i want to run jbidwatcher there and add the auctions from different computers. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks Joe

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1: enable the web interface

2: point web browser to http://whatever:9099

Avatar Joe1977 2 post(s)

Hello Ericj,

thanks a lot. Now i found the checkbox to enable the “internal web server”. It runs fine.

Thanks Joe

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Open the Configuration Dialog using the menu entry Windows / Configuration.
Select the Advanced tab and set/select the following keys to the relevant values:

server.enabled = true
server.port = 9099

Do not forget to click on the Save button.

You can use your Web Browser to go to the following URL for the Web Interface of the internal webserver:


You can log in with your ebay username and password to the Internal Web Server.

Just for those curious enough, you could read up some more details on the old configuration options page about these settings.

  • server.*
    JBidWatcher can act like an HTTP server, and serve up internal pages, showing the status of auctions, etc., over the web if you want.
    You’ll need to log into it when you connect remotely (it uses basic authentication, so don’t expect security from eavesdroppers), but then you can view your auctions and set and clear snipes.
  • server.enabled=(true|false)
    If server.enabled is true, then JBidWatcher will act like an HTTP server, and allow serving up a page that shows all the auctions it’s monitoring, and allow you to browse them through the web.
    Defaults to false, no internal web server.
  • server.port=####
    What port number to listen on.
    Defaults to 9099.
Avatar Carl Holmberg 2 post(s)

I’ve never been particularly enamored of logging into my @home workstation in the clear from out in the world. It would be a lot of work for Morgan (or any of us) to implement SSL/TLS in the built in web server, but he/we don’t have to. Stunnel is a tool to put any TCP connection in an SSL tunnel, and is available in Windows, OS X, Linux, and other flavors.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

True, and in fact I should at least be using Digest-based authentication instead of basic auth, or at least allow you to set up a username/password that are different from your eBay account/password.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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What would be nice and even fairly simple to implement would be a facility to place template html files on the server that would be visible via the url. Then any one could write a javascript json enabled web page with styling that could parse the rather bare default and add gubbins such as sorting etc. Even nicer would be to have the current generated page available as xml (less parsing issues). The people could either develop javascript/jquery pages or even applets, flash thingys or web start applications.

Avatar Matthew_Carey 10 post(s)

As far as security goes, I only use the web interface via an ssh tunnel to my NATed home server, this is very simple under linux/mac osx and using cygwin pretty simple under windows. From a public wi-fi you have to be sure that this tunnelled port on the client is not visible to the rest of the cafe, but that is what firewalls are for..

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as far as I realized the Webinterface does not work properly.
I can add Auctions, but when I click on “Time Left” to edit the snipe my browser (Chrome & Firefox) redirects me to
localhost:9099/activateSnipe?id=331340548181&action=snipe&snipeamount=85.00… but nothing else happens.

When I change the link to localhost:9099/activateSnipe?id=331340548181&snipeamount=88.00, please note the part “&action=snipe” is missing my browser redircts me correctly and I can see the “Return to auction List” Link".

Why is that happening on the Version of Jbidwatcher 2.5.6-11? Any Ideas?

Something else:
Is there anyone who wants to put some money in a project to design & implement a great Webinterface? What about Crowdfunding this idea? What would this cost Mr. Schweers (approximately)?

Thanks a lot!!!