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Avatar dpmeyer 3 post(s)

I’m running JbidWatcher 1.0.1 on a Mac, OS Tiger, G4 with 1G of memory. Caches have been emptied and permissions rebuilt. Auctions have loaded at times, but mostly not. Search by URL won’t load. I’ve deleted the program and reinstalled; any auctions present still remain – is there a cache that needs to be dumped? It’s a great program, any help appreciated.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

If you want to completely deinstall the program, unfortunately you need to shut down JBidwatcher and remove the /Users/{username}/.jbidwatcher directory and all its contents.

You can do this from the Terminal (usually in Applications | Utilities) as follows:

mv ~/.jbidwatcher ~/jbidwatcher_old

That will rename the directory as ‘jbidwatcher_old’ in your Home directory, and you should be able to restart JBidwatcher and have it be functional.

If that works out okay, you can delete the jbidwatcher_old directory at your leisure.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar dpmeyer 3 post(s)

Thanks Morgan! That worked and restored it back to its old great self. -Dave