Auctions wont show but they are there...invisble

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When I try to add auctions to the jbid listing they just dont show. They are there because it wont let me add them a second time…I get an alert saying its already there.

Ive had this issue happen multiple times over different computers. Sometimes If I add another different item, it will show the item I added prior to the list. Other times the items will just show a half hour later. Lately nothing is working. They dont show later and adding other items doesnt force anything to be visible in the snipe list. So I have a list of items I want to snipe, but no way to snipe because the list is invisible.

Any ideas? This is a bit frustrating. Reinstalling didnt seem to help.



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this sounds like a display issue.

First, I’d try deleting your display.cfg file (for OSX see: )

If that doesn’t work, I’d need to know what platform it is (operating system and Java version), and maybe see if you can dig around for some log files that might indicate the problem.

At the core it sounds like something is preventing JBidwatcher from displaying all the items it’s trying to show. I don’t know what that would be, unfortunately.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!