Is JBidWatch 0.4 Running finally

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Avatar (SF) Ken Kir... 3 post(s)

Tried it on my Linux box. Doesnt work worth a damn with Kaffe, but I did get it to run using Sun’s JRE 1.3. I successfully added an auction to the list. It was painful though. Adding an auction by typing in the auction ID has yet to work for me. At any rate, the .jar file does seem to load using RH7.0 and JRE1.3. I could not compile the files. I am a complete Java novice, so maybe thats the problem. I did compile successfully under windows. it just didnt work. :-P

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Erk, unfortunately I made a bad presumption on the format of eBay’s auction id’s… I knew it was wrong before I released 0.4, but I didn’t expect them to change it that quickly. That’ll make it fail for almost any form of auction adding.

The CVS version already has the patch to work correctly with the new eBay ID’s, but I haven’t made a release version yet. The problem under Solaris has me baffled. I need to borrow a friends Solaris box and hack on it, unless someone else has any ideas… — Morgan Schweers