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Avatar (SF) David S... 2 post(s)

I’ve been a devoted user for several months. This weekend I started having trouble refreshing the auctions from my eBay page – I’d select update my eBay and seemingly nothing happened. I then (stupidly?) deleted all the auctions from jbidwatcher and told it to update. Now I get no auctions and I don’t know how to recover. I have uninstalled all the files I can find and reinstalled, but still I get no auctions. Any advice on how I can get back into the watching/sniping ways?


Avatar (SF) J. R. 1 post

I can reproduce the procedere jupitersspot discribet.

I’m using Win XP and the actuel Sun JAVA.

I checkt everything at my side, firewall, router, antivirus but without succes.

At the moment it’s only possible to get ebay items to the JBidwatcher by doing it manually, using the icon in the upper left corner.

The bidding is not affected at my side – it works.

I got a item since the ebay update dosen’t work.

It seem’s ebay has changed something at their side.

May be you use temorary the manual import of ebay items (cut and paste).

Avatar (SF) David S... 2 post(s)

I am also using the Sun Java VM under XP Pro. Forgot those details in my original post (sorry!).

Thanks for the tip about entering the auction manually – it’s not the most convenient, but it keeps me in sniping business!

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


You should be able to load the items from your ‘My eBay’ page using the workaround I mention on the home page ( ).

If you need an interim version, drop me an email and I’ll give you a link to download one. I’ll be releasing the full 0.9 as soon as I get enough feedback that I feel the betas I’ve put out there are working well.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!