First run? - beginer with java

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Avatar (SF) Vladimi... 1 post

I would like to use your java program on our new auction (we are using PHPauction), but how can I run your software?
I instaled IBM’s JRE 1.1.8 and how can I run it? How can I run jBidWatch from HTML browser for visitors?

C:\>java JBidWatch-0.4.5.jar
Can’t find class JBidWatch-0/4/5/jar

C:\jbid>java JBidWatch.class
Can’t find class JBidWatch/class

Can’t find class JBidWatch/java

Thanks for help.

Avatar (SF) David 2 post(s)

try java -jar JBidWatch-0.4.5.jar

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

vladaman: I’m afraid you’ve mistaken JBidwatcher. It is a full-fledged application that runs on the end-user’s computer, not an applet. It does not run within a browser.

MitchD123 has it exactly correct, you can launch it on a Windows box (if you have the JRE installed) by double-clicking on the .jar file, or making a shortcut to it. You can also go to the command line and execute

java -jar JBidWatch-0.9pre5.jar

Also, JBidwatcher requires JRE 1.2.2 or later. 1.1.8 did not support some fundamental features of the Java language that made it much less useful to me as a general programming language.

The latest JRE is 1.4.1_02, if I recall correctly, and is available at:

Good luck!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!