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Avatar (SF) Robert ... 4 post(s)

I’m using jBidwatcher 0.9 for the first time. I’ve configured the eBay tab with my eBay ID and password. When I load auctions with “Bet My eBay Items”, nothing get loaded. I can manually add eBay auctions with no problem. My firewall verified that it went to cgie.ebay.com, cgi.ebay.com, and signin.ebay.com.

The only message I get is “Done synchronizing with My ebay”. Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks,

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

First: PLEASE stop hitting ‘Reload’. Look at the top of your page, it probably says something like ‘Message Posted’, which means that you’re re-posting the message every time you hit reload!

I just deleted five instances of the same message.

Now, as to the question… Do any messages show up in your console display? Turn on ‘Debugging’ and ‘Logging’, and see if any files named error.log or error.log.# (# being a number) show up, or are updated. If so, close JBidwatcher, and send me the text of the log files, or the console error messages.

I’d also like you to try and bid on an item (it’s a test item), which is item # 2917877409 which will determine if your eBay account and password work. (Don’t worry, I won’t charge for the item, it’s just for testing.)

If the bid fails, it may be because your password or username were entered wrong.

Another possibility is this… Go to your ‘My eBay’ page, and look on the page… Are there any items there at all, that aren’t closed?

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!