Patch to build.xml

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Avatar (SF) Christi... 2 post(s)

when building JBidWatcher from source the
com.stevesoft.pat classes were not included in
the resulting JAR file.
This patch to build.xml solves that.

diff u z:\dev\jbidwatcher-0.9\build.xml.orig z:\dev\jbidwatcher-0.9\build.xml
- z:\dev\jbidwatcher-0.9\build.xml.orig Wed Mar 26 15:18:22 2003
+ z:\dev\jbidwatcher-0.9\build.xml Wed Mar 26 15:18:22 2003
@ -73,7 +73,7 @


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Applied, plus some additional changes for the new JB-Help and graphic files I’m adding in the next version. (Documentation is my big desire to add for the next rev.)

— Morgan