Running w/ Java 1.4 on Win2K ?

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I get the following error:

E:\>java -jar JBidWatch-0.9.2.jar
Registry key ‘Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Envir
has value ’1.4’, but ‘1.3’ is required.
Error: could not find java.dll
Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment.

What can I do to fix this (short of uninstalling v1.4) ?


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)


That’s not so good… I think your path is messed up. Check your CLASSPATH environment variable, as well as your ‘PATH’, to see what JRE is installed first.

The easy way is:
{it will print your path, seperated by ‘;’ here.}
{it will print the path it looks for Java classes here}

Make sure that the two are the same, so if your PATH says ‘C:\Java\JRE1.3.1’, but your CLASSPATH says, ‘C:\Java\JRE1.4.1’, then you have a mismatch. You can fix your environment by editing your user information under Windows 2000. I’m not positive under other Windows platforms. Win98 should still be using an AUTOEXEC.BAT, but I’m not sure.

Good luck!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Thank you.
I’ll try it next time I get to work on this “project”.