Dual boot bidwatcher?

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Avatar (SF) Don Har... 9 post(s)

Hi I have a machine that dual boots to Fedora core2 and windows 98. 9.3.1 seems to work great on both. I would like to use the same files in both oses. I can see the windows in linux. Do you think this will cause any problems?
I see some details in the advanced config section. Will that be enough to do this?

Thanks for this great program! Don

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

This is a bit difficult, because of the ‘where files are stored’ issue.

Theoretically, you could do this reasonably well, with two seperate configuration files. The Windows configuration file can be mostly ignored, since you’re going to treat the Windows side as the one that won’t know anything about the Linux side.

The Windows configuration file would be in:
C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.jbidwatcher
and the other would be in:

So, pretending that your Windows drive is mounted and writable on /mnt/win98, for instance, you could change your ~/.jbidwatcher/JBidWatch.cfg like follows:

search.savefile=/mnt/win98/Documents and Settings/{username}/.jbidwatcher/searches.xml
savefile=/mnt/win98/Documents and Settings/{username}/.jbidwatcher/auctions.xml
auctions.savepath=/mnt/win98/Documents and Settings/{username}/.jbidwatcher/auctionsave

That list of changes should allow your Linux box to read the data from the Win98 side.

Now, if anyone else sees this, and thinks ‘Oh, I can run this network mounted to my Windows box, and keep them in synch!’, please don’t. The problem here is that the auctions save file is NEVER RE-READ while the program is running. This means that two programs running at once, pointing to the same location, will repeatedly overwrite each other, and the last one to close will be the only one whose auctions and searches save correctly.

This works for the dual-boot case, because it’s impossible for the two to be running at the same time.

I haven’t updated the ‘advanced configuration’ stuff in a long, long while. I suppose I should… :)

For what it’s worth, this also won’t ‘synchronize’ the display configurations. I believe you wouldn’t want to do that anyway, as the display situation on the two platforms would be so different.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) Don Har... 9 post(s)

Works great. Thanks again for the great tool.