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I am new to Linux and cannot get Jbidwatcher running. I have the jre installed (jre1.4.2_02), but when i click on the .jar I just get a list of files and when I enter the command line from the console I get a “command not found” message. I’m sure I’m just doing (or not doing) something stupid but I’d really like to have the program running. Thanks for the help.

Avatar (SF) Chad Cu... 2 post(s)


If you installed the sun java, it’s probably installed somewhere in /usr/java. I don’t know about the jre, perhaps it’s in /usr/java/jre1.4.2_02 or something like that. Look around and find the bin directory that contains the java executable.

I don’t think that linux can launch jar files by double clicking them, I might be wrong. What I’d do is put the jbidwatcher jar somewhere like /usr/local/share/jbidwatcher-whatever.jar and then create a script called /usr/local/bin/jbidwatcher that looks like this:


/usr/java/j2re-1.4.2_02/bin/java -jar /usr/local/share/jbidwatcher-whatever.jar

Substitute what the actual path is for where you found the java binary and the path for wherever the jar is. This would require you to be root to do.

After that you should be able to just type jbidwatcher to launch it.

Avatar (SF) J pelrin 2 post(s)

Appreciate the help.

Once you set me straight on the path to the Java executable file, I was able to put the JBidWatcher .jar file on the desk top and then set up the application launcher (right click, choose “open with” then enter in the “open with” command line box: (path)/java -jar and check the “run in terminal” and “remember application association” boxes) to start the program when I click on the file.

Works fine and doing just what I want now. Thanks again.

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Thanks for the information! It works for me with SuSE 9.2. Instead of putting the path to java, I just put java -jar and it works.