Program still not updating..need help please!

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This is oh so frustrating!

The program starts ok and begins to check and update all the items.
It may check for 15 minutes it then highlights an item to check, says updating item and there it says…it never moves from there. The clock continues, the items end but never move into the completed tab. It just stops! If I try to stop the updating, resync etc it stops responding (does not freeze as such the clock continues) and won’t allow me to exit etc.
I have to go to Task Manager and end process…not good.
I’ve tried downloading the source again, deleting
auctions, seaches etc but it still does it after say 15 minutes.
Can I have too many searches etc????

I’m working under Win 2000 and XP sp2, jbid 0.9.5, java 1.4.2_04.