How Can I Use Affiliate ID?

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I am a member of CJ. I want to add the affilate ID to the program so everytime I bid I can got credit for the bidding.

Any idea how file to change?

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eBay offers money for bids?

they do. Whoa…

I’ll look into it.

I think it requires that I hit a separate url to get a particular cookie into the browser first.

If I do this…I may sign up for CJ, and put mine as the default, and potentially allow you to change it.

It strikes me that this might be a far, far better way to fund JBidwatcher development than asking for the occasional donation from users. It’d be disableable of course, and I’d have to write up a lot of explanation of what it’s doing, etc., but… Tell me, if you do this CJ thing, do you think users would object strenuously? I think I’m going to put up a poll shortly.

They pay for bids. I never knew. Wow. I would NEVER force using my affiliate id on my users, but I might just ask their permission to let me…with appropriate explanation, of course.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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I called your 408 Number, but it was busy.
I was in SJ for 1 yr. I used to have a 408 cell phone.

Call me 613-355-6526. I have several projects working now. If we can combine the force, it will be much better. I got a very good Java programmer, 1 extremely good B2C marketer.

As for CJ, the updated the Term of Service just this week to restrict using affiliate IDs in software. I got an idea to get around this.

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I appreciate the interest, and I noticed the call (I was in a big corporate meeting during my real job, so my cell was at my desk), but I’ve been loathe to work with many other people, because everyone wants to drive JBidwatcher in a somewhat more unpleasant direction.

(Witness about half a dozen people over the years who want to incorporate JBidwatcher into web pages, so it submits the bids (with passwords!) back to a central server which does the bidding, for instance. Very Bad! Trust betraying.)

I’m not at all suggesting you are one of them, I’m trying to explain my hesitation. If you’re using JBidwatcher, go ahead and drop me an email at my email address in there (or on here), if you want to explain the project you’re thinking about doing.

I’ve had great people, who used JBidwatcher to write research papers on eBay auction pricing, and designed excellent tools, and contributed useful stuff back. But this is NOT my job, and I don’t want it to be my job, yet. It’s a fun application, and one which my users have put a HUGE amount of trust in my hands. I will not betray that trust. I’m sufficiently financially independent that I don’t need to.

I signed up for a CJ account, to test this out, and I think I’ve already identified how to handle the eBay issue. Now it’s more or less going to come down to whether eBay says, ‘Yay…’, or ‘Nay!’ on placing bids as an affiliate.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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you worry too much. nobody will steal passwords etc. that is EVIL.

i am working on an automatic process. there are many binary files out there, but i need to know how the parsing ebay data and bidding works first. if you can help, that is great, because it will safe a lot of time debuging your programs. if you can tell me any document showing how parsing and bidding works on ebay. i hope i can use something like Perl, C++, but java is not bad. so far your program is the only one working on windows with a source code, so i came here to ask for help.

i have been working on ebay things for a while. i will give you more answers than ebay will directly, because people in ebay are DEAD. on average, the ebay team answer 1 question every 2 weeks. if you are unlucky, you will never hear from them.

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Did you investigate it any further? Looks like a real good idea to me.