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Avatar (SF) Morg113 3 post(s)

I am trying to load the currently watched items from my localized (de) ebay site. Although I set the browse target to the program still insists on querying 1.

Is this behaviour intentional and did I misinterpret the meaning of the browse target? If this is the case how can I gather my watched auctions from localized ebay sites?

Jan 05 23:51:55 CET 2005: Loading page:

Wed Jan 05 23:51:55 CET 2005: No items on page!

I use version 0.9.5, Java 1.4.2_06 under FC3.

Avatar (SF) Morg113 3 post(s)

For some reason it is working now. Don’t know what the problem was though.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

While I note that it’s working, I want to clear up the confusion about the browse target.

The browse target is solely for where the browser launches, when you say ‘open in browser’. It’s NOT what is used for actual retrieval of the item information.

Why is this?

Because JBidwatcher has to interpret the page, reading the labels from the HTML, and figuring out what the data after each label is. This is much easier to do (and maintain) for a single language, rather than implementing the same effective code for a half-dozen languages. Since all ebay sites share the same back-end database, I can look up the data on, use a known set of labels to search for, and it is basically transparent to the end user.

I hope this helps explain the issue a little better.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) Morg113 3 post(s)

Thanks for clearing this up.