Running JBidWatcher

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I’am using Linux Fedora2 and have jre-1.0.5 installed and
JBidWatcher-0.9.5.jar in my /home/user directory, If I double click on JBidWatcher.jar file, I get a window that opens up
in the filemanager that shows a large number of files that has
headings of | Size | Method | Size Now | Ratio | Timestamp
but no gui’s with tabs.
What has gone wrong ?


Avatar (SF) deadmeat 1 post

to add a launcher: right click on panel, choose > add to panel> launcher

fill in: name > JBidWatcher, command > java -jar /(directory where you installed it)/JBidWatcher-0.9.5.jar

if you want an icon, copy the jar file to temporary directory and extract the icon, move it to the install dir and then click on the icon and select browse, hen pick the correct file.