Invisible bidder??

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Avatar (SF) monkymind 3 post(s)

I used JBidwatcher to bid on an item in the last 10 seconds

The auction ended:
16-Feb-05 19:57:59 AEDST
JBidwatcher sniped at:
16-Feb-05 19:57:47 AEDST
yet rocket_parts7 ( 8 ) won and that bid was dated:
16-Feb-05 00:38:04 AEDST
19 hours earlier?? … yet during all that time the hightest bidder appeared to be redz30 ( 6 ) from:
15-Feb-05 23:23:50 AEDST
until my bid:
16-Feb-05 19:57:47 AEDST

Has anyone seen this kind of invisible bidding? and how is it done?

User ID: Bid Amount Date of bid

rocket_parts7 ( 8 ) AU $22.00 16-Feb-05 00:38:04 AEDST
monkymind ( 3 ) AU $21.55 16-Feb-05 19:57:47 AEDST
redz30 ( 6 ) AU $15.50 15-Feb-05 23:23:50 AEDST

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Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

To the best of my knowledge of eBay’s systems, I really don’t see how that would be possible.

I’d suggest maybe that your browser (or something between you and eBay) had the item page cached, and perhaps that’s why you didn’t see the high bidder update to rocket_parts7.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar (SF) monkymind 3 post(s)

I thought so too until I checked a few other auctions “rocket_parts” was in and the same thing happens.

Here’s one in which 3 other people are bidding against each other. “rocket_parts” remains invisible throughout the auction then wins with a bid that pre-dates them but isn’t listed until the end.

May be some strange eBay glitch but it doesn’t happen when I proxy bid. :(


Avatar (SF) Michael... 10 post(s)

Well, rocket_parts7 seems to like the seller, byuequip. rp7 has 87 times positive feedback, but only 8 of them are counted. If you look at his profile roughly 80 are from buyequip.

If you want to drill down more deeply I recommend “SellersBestFriends” to you, a free java app ( The app is in bilingual english/german, but because I don’t know if the website is also in english (I think so), I post a direct download link (

Because a couple of guys seem to like this seller as much as rp7 does it’s quite interesting to have a look and compare the auctions.

Avatar (SF) monkymind 3 post(s)

Thanks Michael. A very interesting and useful app – I’m going to have lots of fun learning to use it. :)

BTW I could be wrong about the “invisible bidder” thing and perpaps eBay occasionally just messes up the bid times.

FWIW I’m not an experience eBayer and because it was the first time I noticed this strange pattern of not appearing in the bidders list (after making the highest bid) – I really found it very puzzling!?