Display in Browser not working like before?

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Up through v0.9.6 using the display in browser feature worked just fine.

Updating first to the beta then the release version 0.9.7 now gives some unusual behavior that does not allow the display in browser to work.

First a popup comes up that is a Windows type “user name” and “password” box that I am reluctant to put my ebay account info into and when I hit cancel it goes to the IE web browser with address of:

http://localhost:9099/[AUCTION #]

and says:

Access to this server is denied without an account.

I am using windows XP, v0.9.6 of Jbidwatcher, Internet Explorer, cable internet with a netgear wireless router (home use).

I have read through the available literature and can not find this info (maybe I just missed it). Am I required to enter my personal ebay name/password in that popup box (I was not required to do so before). I am hesitant to do that till I understand what this is and where that info is now going to be stored.