Jbidwatcher for Mac Classic?

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Is there a download of Jbidwatcher that I could use running mac OS 9.2? Thanks!

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

To the best of my knowledge nobody has produced a Java Virtual Machine for Mac Classic that implements anything at or later than 1.2 of Java.

JBidwatcher is dependent on several post-1.2 features, but as of around a year ago, even more so on the post-1.4 inclusion of HTTPS support. I felt terrible at the time, because it meant that OS X users limited to Java 1.3 wouldn’t be able to run it anymore, but eBay forced my hand by requiring it.

If you can find a modern JVM for Classic, JBidwatcher should run just fine underneath it. I searched for a long while, but never found one myself.

Good luck, and please drop a line here if you find something useful!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!